Love is LOVE No matter what Gender
Thanks to my beeauuuutiful main actors Rebecca Sia Morris and Lasasha Nesbeth


Why do we want Love so much?

Honestly … I want to know. Why do people want love so much that they would honestly give up everything just to have it? Finding that one person to always “be there” for you isn’t going to make your life worth something. Why can we just be there for ourselves and pick ourselves up when we down. I honestly think the media puts to way much attention on couples who portray to happy in their relationship. We see that it all lovey dovey and 100% ride or die but at the end of the day we don’t actually know how that relationship really is. I really do. I really want to know why we all want love so bad that were willing to sacrifice our sanity for just ONE person, who could actually give to flying fucks about you. It doesn’t make sense to me. I admit maybe I am being a bit biased on this topic because of my one personal life, but who gives a shit. This topic has always been on my mind circling looking for an answer but was always buried when I thought something good was going my way. Seriously… I want us to think long and hard about this because at the end of the day we could all sit together and admit that we WANT love but don’t actually NEED love.